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SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

SharePoint Branding Modern Pages

I was in Paris two years ago. I had a session about Branding Office 365. Everything went fine, except the one thing missing - branding. I spent all my time telling people not to brand what today is called classic sites - the old fashioned SharePoint pages and sites that we know from SharePoint on-premises.

I was telling people not to invest heavily in branding. Branding that is often thought of as a long term, one time investment on SharePoint on-premises is no longer so on Office 365.

Constant Microsoft updates are "breaking" your branding and modern pages and sites such as Delve, MySite are built in a different way than the classic sites.

I felt that it was important to tell people about it. But it was a sad session. I'm very positive, glad, smiling, always thinking about new opportunities. Not a Microsoft gray material. People that came to my session were expecting to learn how to brand Office 365. We all ended up being sad. The world …

Digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and robots

The 4th Industrial Revolution
Digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and robots

I learned in school that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

As we think about digitization, automation, artificial intelligence and robots as the 4th industrial revolution, we should, in my opinion, take a look how our society changed during the first, second and third industrial revolution.

Three major events come to my mind:
1. Two world wars
2. Communism

We can't simply expect that such a major change in society won't bring even more change and turbulence.

What is different this time? Who are we going to fight with? Are we going to be on social security and watch TV all day long?

I can only say what frustrates and irritates me the most when reading the articles about AI, robots and automation.

1. Surrender
Well known (rich) people saying to us more or less ordinary people just to give up. They are saying that our future is set. We can't do anyth…