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Viser indlæg fra december, 2016

Career in IT. Sex drugs and rock and roll

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Career in IT? Sex drugs and rock and roll. Just like Logan's runLogan's Run is a 1976 American science fiction film about utopian future society.

Sexual freedom, advanced plastic surgery, the society seems to thrive in some kind of a shopping mall. Everyone has a "life-clock" crystal that tells their age. Everyone at the age of 30 must die by taking part in an event called the Carrousel. Those who try to escape are terminated by "Sandmen".

Some people would argue that career in IT resembles the utopian society from Logan's Run. We've all heard about IT companies and their thirst for young talented people. They also want more women in IT. They don't seem to want experience, proven track record and knowledge of the latest tools and trendy frameworks.

Pictures below are borrowed from a Linkedin post about women in IT.

IT conference. No, it looks nothing like Logan's run.

There are no "Sandmen" to hu…