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Points: Developer's Guide to Business Value Part II

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Points: Developer's Guide to App Business Value
How to bla blah blah
by Sonja Madsen

Part II

Make an app

Once upon a time you've built an app. Your app was utterly fantastic. You decided to tell the world how good it is. You've heard about a grand ball. All developers were invited.

On the day of the ball, your evil stepmother made a decision to support both Mac and Windows platform. Doubled the work for that day.

You managed to do all the work, but you didn't have time to buy new clothes for the ball. Exhausted and just about to give up, you opened a window. Sun was about to set. I'm too tired to go to the ball. Next time perhaps, you thought. Suddenly, through the window came a fairy godmother. Right into your room. She used her magic wand to transform your old geeky clothes into high-end fashion items. Now you had to go to the ball.

The ball was a blast. Unbelievable. Everybody that counts for something were there. The prince was there too and he…

Points: Developer's Guide to App Business Value

Points: Developer's Guide to App Business Value
How to bla blah blah
by Sonja Madsen

Part I

A developer makes an app, tra la la, app is at the store, bla blah blah, developer sells the app and gets rich

"tra la la" is an extensive and comprehensive process. "bla blah blah" is hard work and dedication.

Amazing how many developers get stuck on the "tra la la".

A developer has an idea. It is a good idea. Developer builds an app. It's in the App Store.
                   End of Story

You got an idea. The idea is tantalizing, fascinating, compelling. Promising. You ponder how to implement it. You need to build a web service,  cut a few corners here and there, squeeze a form or two, apply a theme and you are almost finished. Finished in your mind. You go on with your life as nothing has happened. Go to work, spend time with your friends and family.

You still think about the details, code, showstoppers. It is a clever idea. You can most absolutely implement…