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SharePoint is like football

SharePoint Apps

It's a small town, but you know its name. You may have even been there. You probably know the name of the country too. You don't necessarily know the name of the capital city. Why? The capital city is frequently in the news. Culture, politics, angry people. Nothing like that small town. But that small town has a football team. Football is what makes this town, country, and people interesting. Football is like a glue that makes all that information stick to your brain.

SharePoint is my football. SharePoint is a special ingredient that makes each project interesting. A game. The game is on, sometimes in my hometown, sometimes in another city or country. I'm running from a tight end, advancing across the field, making a slight curl, timing the pass of the ball...

Football? Did you score? Did you win? Who is playing defense? Who is on another team? Where are the cheerleaders? Where is the naked guy that sometimes runs out on the field?

And there is beer. A lots of beer. Both in SharePoint and football :-)

What else does football have in common with SharePoint?
SharePoint people are strong, fast, and furious, just like football players :-)

I'm not kidding. SharePoint is "The new way to work together", through empowering people and enabling technology. That's not easy. You have to be strong and fast, if you are to meet all the challenges. You have to know all the best practices. You have to know when to make a slight curl and avoid potential pitfalls and offensive tackles. You do everything. Except, you can't fly like a superman. That will probably be available in next version of SharePoint.

Is this going to change? Will SharePoint stop being a game?
Imagine SharePoint out-of-box with no customizations. No custom development, no architecture or infrastructure concerns. No support. No need for skilled SharePoint people.
SharePoint being more like curling than like football.

Nope. I can't. That's just not possible :-)

This is only SharePoint. We are not in business of saving lives. Cool and other options in Pay Now are here if you think this blog post helped you.

50% of profit goes to charity.

SharePoint tiles with text, pictures, links
SharePoint 2013 App
News and Facebook comments
SharePoint 2013 App
Quick poll and pie chart statistics
SharePoint 2013 App
Image carousel and transitions
Publishing Pages
18 page layouts for Publishing sites
SharePoint 2013 App
Documents Tree View
Sites, apps, folders, and documents

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Ups, I sold an app to 1 billion people!

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